Friday, May 14, 2010

Faith like a Child

I love working with kids, especially the younger ones who are so innocent and full of life. They trust you full-heartedly and always say the greatest things, things that make you want to laugh but that you know its serious business to them. This one girl I work with, loves to stand on chairs and jump into my arms. She'll catch me off guard too; out of the blue blurting out "catch me!" She trusts that I will alway be there for her; that I will not let her fall. The more I thought of this, the more it made sense in my spiritual walk. Christ asks us to come to Him as a child, full of faith and trust. So many times I'm just like, "but God..." or "If I do that then..." But He says jump! As in Peter on the water, he called him out of his boat to come to him. Peter had to take a step of faith, and everything went well until he took his eyes off of Christ. The same principle applies in our daily lives. Focus on Christ and trust in His sufficiency and protection. In the works of the old Hymn, Trust and Obey. That is key to peaceful living, something I am just beginning to learn...

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  1. Easy words to hear. Tough to live out. Sometimes we focus on the waves crashing about us and begin to sink. But He's there to pull us back up.