Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Beautiful Child

I was waiting in line at Walmart the other day, a fairly normal experience. Also, as usual, I was ever so slightly impatient and aware of the time (when am I not?) and thinking a bajillion thoughts most likely at once. Then the people-watcher in me kicked in, and I started to scrutinize the customers around me. I glanced around, and a young, beautiful face halo-ed by wispy pale curls met my gaze. Two innocent, precious, light-colored eyes met mine, followed by a shy smile. The child couldn't have been much older than a year or so. I smiled back. What an invaluable thing a young life is. I watched the child in awe, thinking of my once untouched face, with blue eyes and curly golden hair, much like this child. I was further struck with the realization that that child, would someday be my own. In the not so distant future, I could be that mom at Walmart, with the great responsibility and immense blessing of caring for a life that God Himself formed. Amazing. It definitely makes you feel old. Thinking of one's future kids is always overwhelming, but what an opportunity of a lifetime to love on young lives that have been, in a way, loaned to you from God, and to realize that although you are teaching them, they are teaching you more about yourself and their heavenly Father each day. How precious life is, and how sad it is that society insists on de-valueing (is that a word?) it.

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