Thursday, December 16, 2010

HOME! Random thoughts, and please, no "Happy Holidays"

YES! I'm finally home for Christmas break, a good month to sit around and read books of my OWN choice, write 'til my pens run out of ink, be unproductive for days straight, and dabble in my artsy hobbies. Hallelujah! Unfortunately, my creative energy feels sapped after half a dozen tests and multiple papers in a week, so I will have to get back to this blog when I actually have an enlightening thought to share. The only thing that's been on my mind lately, is that I want to find ways to reach out to others around me: my neighbors, those in need, strangers. This life is about relationships, and when we face the end, that's all that counts. God summed it up: Love God and love others. Love. Live it out. So, I'm thinking about ways I can brighten someone's day this holiday season, and I'm going to make every effort to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of those people determined to say Happy Holidays. No, Merry Christmas. Be thankful that Christ came as a child for you. Indeed, that's a merry and joyous thing, and I will not wish you Happy Holidays in light of the all-surpassing birthday of Christ.


  1. Heyyy hope you find lots of creative energy cuz I can't wait to see!

  2. Ahh thanks Carolynn!!! It'll return; it's kind of on strike now. ;)