Thursday, February 16, 2012

Texas (another lovely poem)

My heart’s in Texas
Out under the great boundless sky
That blazes bright blue like your honest eyes
In the long summer days of us
When dreams were real and hope had meaning
Before we knew life was not like the Texan sky

Yeah, under that infinite blanket of stars
Stretching from horizon to horizon
A twinkling city of light in a dark world
You and I and the rest of them
Young and burning with energy were we
Like those distant balls of fire off in the galaxy

But how long had those balls been burning
Before we saw their light?
Light years away, perhaps already extinguished
We saw their final gleaming rays of heat
As they travelled far, far and wide
To reach us on that night

Yeah, this life sure is short
Beautiful and bright, glowing in its time
But even when it’s gone
The memory will travel light years to them
And they will remember and know
We were here

A Sonnet, for a change (Self-composed too)

The Woods

I tread the path into the virgin wood
Behind me leaving mortals’ burdens drear
A life of ceaseless words misunderstood
Into a realm of still reflections clear

I fly untethered, feathers white, unfurled
Through arms of whisp’ring trees with fingers green
I peer into a pool, a placid world
Admire myself, expressions elfish, keen

Above the wat’ry face I lay, reclined
My eyes as stars outshine the darkness cold
With gleaming pupils, soul yet undefined
Eternal questions swirl and dreams unfold

Into the woods I flee, myself to know
To cleanse my soul from mortal life, my foe