Friday, May 25, 2012

First Week of Official Independence (not including paying for important things like food and gas and whatnot)

So, I've been in the 'burg living and working independently for a week now!!! :D So far, I have not tried to cook anything (though a good friend did cook for me and that was really yummy) so I have no updates on cooking attempts. I haven't accomplished much accept for hanging out with my friends a lot (I missed them so! And yay for my new friends!) and getting a nice sunburn. Yes, it's a very good one. Right now, I'm in the process of molting, so I feel more reptilian than human at this point. Um, I've also successfully located and purchased stuff at a consignment store...I'm sure that will happen fairly frequently. I'm also making friends with the dog of this house. She is quite the toe attacker, so, I'm getting used to that and coming to terms with that morning ritual. She currently looks like an alien after her trip to the "barber" (not my words, but Mocha's owner's words). Her heads all a fluff but her body is a buzz cut. It's pretty humorous. I've also indulged my artsy side by helping some friends paint a fence with neat trees down town. I additionally decided to join the church orchestra and Sunday school praise team. Ha. I needed a musical outlet desperately, or I knew I would not pick up my poor flute again. And, I miss singing. I'm a wee bit nervous, but excited. Anyways, that is all for now. Please check back later when I have more exciting things to say!

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  1. dearest Larkin, I hope your sunburn does not hurt too much! You are a fantastic writer, this was all sorts of sillyness and fun. It sounds like you are having a enjoyable time! I can't wait to see some of the things you do. Oh, and I'm glad you are playing the flute. I desperately want one!