Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Learning Domestic Tasks: The Beginning of the Real World

Today I am going shopping for groceries, and it's always rather perplexing. This isn't like when I lived at school, and had a cafeteria or other food options for back up when I did know how or didn't want to take the time to create an acceptable meal. I've realized now, that I am responsible for making myself meals at least three times a day, and I'm a little panicked. Do you know how long things take to cook? Do you realize how much some of them cost? Do you know the dates when these "go bad"? 'Cause I sure don't! True story: a few months ago, I was attempting to cook rice and I had to call my mother because I didn't know what "simmer" meant. Yes, this same girl now has to provide food on the table for herself. Everyone breathe a quick prayer for me, ha. Man/woman cannot live on scrambled eggs, fried eggs, french toast, cans of soup, and pasta alone (ahem, my "specialties"). So, I'm going to the store to try and purchase some "real" food and hope I can figure out how to cook it. Wish me luck! -Jane


  1. You will do great!!!! good luck! get a crock pot!

  2. yes! my mother is giving me hers...thank goodness!