Friday, July 6, 2012

Post-Grad Reflections on College Life: A List of Do's, Don'ts, and Whatevers

So, as a recent college grad, I feel compelled to share some of my deep set wisdom acquired from my four years of undergraduate life. These are bits and pieces of advice, thoughts to ponder, and some helpful hints that I gleaned from my experience and probably wish I had known before hand. Therefore, I will spare you the drama of not knowing ;)

1. It's wise to NOT date freshman year.
2. Invest in a pair of rain boots. You're walking to class in and out of buildings, and your soggy Toms will get old really fast.
3. Stake out your seat for the rest of the semester towards the front of class. It makes it less difficult to let yourself take a nap, text, etc and generally promotes a better learning experience.
4. Bring a boat-load of quarters for laundry.
5. The whole "I can have close guy friends, it's no big deal" is a lie, especially at a Christian school where many men are looking to bestow the MRS. degree on an eligible female.
6. Make friends in class, even if you don't like them. They may be your study buddies and help you out when you miss/skip/etc.
7. Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT ever need to pull an all nighter if you plan well (I never did)
8. Beware of caffeinated beverages. Approach them as products for medicinal purposes to stay awake when need be, but don't overdo or you'll be hooked and get the headaches. No good.
9. If you have big-spending "friends," find new friends that don't kill your bank account.
10. Get water every time you go our. It will save you $2-3 dollars.
11. Don't go out, hardly ever, for dinner.
12. Living off campus is worth investigating because housing costs are ridiculous.
13. If your roomie does not like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, be courteous and put in those ear buds. Common sense.
14. Going off 13, overall, use ear buds all the time unless your roomie and yourself are sharing a musical moment together. It helps keep the peace.
15. Find cheap forms of amusement.
16. Treat your room as a sacred zone of silence, unless your roomie is not a studier and does not care.
17. DON'T have friends over in your tiny dorm room and cackle and giggle and talk and such with your roomies trying to get things done in the same small space. Rude.
18. DON'T bring all of your hobby nic nacs. It will take up space and you probably won't have time.
19. DO go to thrift stores, but DON'T go so often that your closet begins to overflow with tops and skirts...ahem...guilty.
20. If you go to a Christian school, being in a Christian environment with required Christian activities is no substitute for you and Jesus time one on one.
21. A TV is UNNECESSARY. A laptop can play DVDs, and it will save you space.
22. Leave your extra furniture at home, unless you plan on having no walking room.
23. Agree to be cold and put on a jacket if your roomie likes is cooler. You may have a lower cold tolerance and this will go far in encouraging goodwill.

Number 20 is the most important. And I can't think of anything else humorous to say. So, that is all, unless I come up with a part two.


  1. Loved that you didn't have to pull an all-nighter! I never did either!

    I thought of a few

    24. Don't let anyone tell you that something you feel convicted about is stupid. Be yourself and love it! If you feel that you shouldn't "do such and such" but someone else thinks you are an idiot, just brush it off. God comes first. (this happened SO MUCH)

    25. Playing DND and enjoying video games is not akin to worshiping the devil. Some people will never understand.

    26. Try to have a lot of fun, and complain minimally! Not only wiill this help your attitude, but you will find yourself actually HAVING fun!!

  2. Nice. Definitely like #24 :) College is all about discovering yourself and who God made you, all your talents and intricacies. :)