Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Four-Letter "C" Word

I am slowly but surely learning how to, dare I say it, "cook"! Ha! Mainly I have just been experimenting with stuff in my fridge and pantry. My latest successes have been chicken fried rice and hard-boiling eggs. Do not laugh at the latter, for you probably do not know how to hard boil an egg, and if you do, you didn't at one point.

For those interested in learning the fine art of hard-boiling a chicken's egg, here is what you should do: Place the desired number of eggs in a luke-warm pan of water and bring to a nice rolling boil. Then, turn the heat down and let cook for about fifteen minutes. Hopefully, your shells are still intact and the yolk is cooked properly. I was rewarded with three, perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs :) Only thing is, I forgot that I really don't like eating hard-boiled eggs plain. But, since I made it, it made it taste a little better since it was seasoned with success.

That is all for now regarding my domestic achievements.

Until next time,


  1. WTG, Larkin! Hard boiled eggs are great sliced on a salad....just a suggestion. Keep up the good work in your kitchen!
    Love, Mrs. Krushinski

  2. Thanks! Ha, I found they made a quick/easy protein snack for later too :)