Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 11!: Strange Kitchen Concoctions

Today, I bring to you exciting and breaking news from my kitchen. Jk. It's not exciting, but it is news, since I am currently eating it. For dinner tonight I concocted the oddest meal. I don't have a lot of meats in the house (and I don't like working with raw meat), so, I figured I had to eat a can of soup, but, I have this weird thing about soup. Ever since college, I don't really like soup. Too many "stay in the dorm, cram this paper, I'll eat soup" nights. Not sure. Soup = stress, no social life, holing up, being a hermit. No good. So, I cooked some rice in my lovely and wonderful rice cooker, drained most of the broth out of the soup, put the rest in with the rice, added salt and some chili/garlic spice, and then a slice of American cheese for a final splattering of flavor. Yes, that's my dinner right now. I figure it's more substantial than just a bowl of soup. :)

Cooking up a storm,


  1. It definitely sounds edible! The American cheese was kind of random, though. :) I don't think I've gone as far as just eating a can of soup in years--I think canned soups are best used in cooking something else!

  2. Hey Rachel! Thanks for the comment :) And I definitely agree with your last statement: who eats cream of celery or cream of mushroom soup by itself?!