Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 14!: Personal Pet Peeves (that aren't grammar related)

Everyone has pet peeves, and I am no exception. I know that this will not be a very thought-provoking or enlightening post, but my bed says "come hither" and I do as it bids. Also, mainly, my good thoughts for blogs would take more prior mental organizing and planning, so they will be postponed til later.

I call this list, These are a Few of My Least Favorite Things!!!

1) Un-tucked shirt tags- I'm not bothered enough that I would fix a stranger's tag hanging out, but I would fix a mere acquaintance's.

2) "Roaming" grocery carts- I mainly dislike this one because I find them all the time at the location I currently work. People, if you're done with the cart, put it back from where you got it. Thanks!

3) People who drive the speed limit- So, I generally run "on-time" to almost late to most events or scheduled activities and it drives the snot out of me to be behind these people. Please go five over the marked speed limit. That is universally accepted by most EVERYONE as the appropriate traveling speed.

4) Excessive marking in used books- Yes, you're a used book, and I'm getting you for a lovely price, but why did someone spoil your pages with their own markings that reflect their own "Aha!" moments? Can't I form my own fresh moments with you, oh book, uninfluenced by a previous reader?

5) Obnoxious parents- Sometimes this happens because the child has brought this on. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason. But, excessive yelling and verbal threatening is not just a peeve of mine. It makes everyone around the offenders uncomfortable and makes me want to call Social Services, especially when your child is wailing in fear now that your voice sounds like a monster. NOT COOL. NOT MATURE.

6) Soda without ice- I don't care if your soda is chilled in a can straight out of the fridge. I would like the glass (not plastic cup, preferably) half-filled with ice.

7) Sweet tea that doesn't taste like tea- Mmmmm, yum. This tastes just like what we feed our hummingbirds, you know, that red stuff with pounds of sugar dissolved in it? Sugar water...delicious. Not really. Please give me some tea with that sugar.

8) Over-happy waiters that refill drinks- I usually get water when I go out to eat, and I enjoy some lemon in my water. My drink just reached the 3/4 mark, and you have rushed over and diluted the perfect balance of lemon and water that my taste buds enjoy. More lemons please?

9) Shopping for shoes- This is the hardest shopping thing for me generally. They have to be the right price, comfortable, fashionable, and in my size. Tricky tricky...

Ok, these are light and humorous...but to get serious and spiritual, here is one of my greatest pet peeves:

10) People who claim to be Christians and don't know their Bible- Do you even care to know what God wants to tell you in His 66 books to you? Some things don't just happen overnight, but must happen with time and practice.

Alright, goodnight world wide web. I'll think of something more creative tomorrow.

Off to dreamland,
Sleepy Jane


  1. Oh! What about adults yelling at other adults in PUBLIC? like when we were getting our nails done...that was HORRID! hugs girlie!

  2. Ughhhh yes!!! D: that of course is awful....