Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 15!: It's a Great Day for the Race!

Working in retail has its perks. If you like people, you'll never cease to be amused, and when you begin to tire of your job, you can feed off the energy of your customers and make fun small-chat with them. The following is an example of a real-life scenario between me and a customer back in the fall (Name of customer has been abbreviated for privacy purposes).

(Background: Mr. W is an older man with white hair and sparkling, energetic eyes)

Me: Hello, how are you sir? (my normal greeting, changed to ma'am or sir depending on the person)

Mr. W: Oh! Good! It's a great day for the race!!! (he says enthusiastically)

Me: The race...? (I'm quite puzzled. I glance outside the window. It IS a nice day for outdoor activities...perhaps a car race, the horse races...)

Me: Car races...?

Mr. W: Oh no! The HUMAN race! (mischievous glimmer in his eye)

Me: (still puzzled) Oh?....Oh! (connection made!) Of course! (I say)

What follows is brief small chat about indeed, it is a great day for the human race and the weather is nice and such pleasant nonsense and trivialities. I bid him a fond farewell, as I do to most customers who have made my retail experience memorable and entertaining.

Two or so weeks later...

I ring up an older man at the register, notice the distinct name on the store-copy receipt, look back up at him, and say, "Sir, it's a great day for the human race, isn't it?"

"Yes!" he smiles in acknowledgment.

I still look forward to seeing that man, but I haven't seen him since our second encounter.

Living life simply and enjoyably,

PS: Hoorahhhh for the Race!


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