Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 16!: Paper or Digital? (How do you prefer your books?)

Yay! Day 16! I've been pretty bad lately about making this a thirty-day consecutive blogging event, but, I've been much more consistent than I have been with my blogging in the past. Kudos to me! :) So this isn't very in depth, but I wanted to take a look at e-book readers (aka Kindles or Nooks) vs. the "old-fashioned" paper/hard back. Here's some pros and cons, just for starters.


+Can carry multiple books at once
+Can read it one-handed
+Can read it without a light (if it has a back-light)
+Technologically trendy
+Could save money on textbooks (not the initial reader, then buy the downloads for less than the books cost)
+Turning the page is simply a click
+Classic books are free
+(and other things I don't know)

-Must be recharged (esp. more often if it's back-lit)
-Giving/receiving books as gifts is less of an option (bummer)
-No one knows what you're reading out in public. Is it War and Peace? No one will know to be impressed! Is it a trashy "paperback novel"? Well, you're in luck, 'cause no one knows either
-Your physical book library will naturally diminish, making you appear less nerdy and book-wormish (assuming that these are good things, which, they are)
-Highlighting and taking notes is not the same (I've been told you can do these things, but still not as cool)
-Sharing books is not as personal and interesting (They can't tell if the book being lent is warn and loved, the places your tear drops fell, the coffee spill on page 867 that happened at 2 am, the sloppy handwritten notes you took in the margin, etc...)

Alright, time for the old-fashioned, good ole' printed book:

+Cheap (Goodwill books are a dollar each if paperback)
+Personal (used books are like a living that old-lady's-house smell)
+Books as gift-giving! And you won't have to worry if they have it for free on their kindle because it's a "classic." Also, you can write a nice note in the front ;)
+EVERYONE can see what you're reading in public, for better or worse. This can also encourage enlightening book conversations among strangers who are also bibliophiles.
+Your physical library will be large and impressive, and people can gawk at your collection and beg to borrow one, two, or more
+Sharing books is once again like sharing part of the journey in your life with someone else
+Still portable (well, maybe not War and Peace)
+You exercise your hand muscles! Turn those pages! Yes!

and most importantly...

+You don't contribute to the possible future demise of bookstores around the world and preserve the beauty of the physical, tangible page.

Ok, some cons:
-You have to turn the page
-If you're going on a long trip, you probably can't bring as many books with you
-Not free classics
-They fall apart... (well, of course they do, like all living organic beings worth preserving ;) )

Yep, can't think of any others.
Obviously, my stance is pretty obvious. I don't condemn you if you own an e-book reader, but, I personally do NOT want one, and as an English major, will always treasure my physical books.

Forever a bibliophile,

PS: Please share your thoughts on this subject!

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