Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 20!: Christmas in 2 Acronyms

I'm sitting here in my room with all my lovely candles flickering, my colored Christmas lights on, and my cute little Christmas tree aglow, and so, I want to bring to you tonight two different approaches to Christmas, both in acronym form.

I call this the "retail- shopping craze- money spending - un fun yet sadly normal" Christmas acronym:

C- Can you give me any extra coupons? (No ma'am. We don't give out coupons in the store)
H- Hurry up! Get in the car asap before all the ______ are all bought up!
R- Really tacky Christmas sweaters, and earrings, and shirts, and...yeah
I- Is my shift over yet? (how I often feel this time of year at work)
S- Shop til you drop, or until your credit card company freezes your account from "suspicion"
T- Tarzan-yells: what I really think would help me relieve stress while I'm working retail
M- Miserable: the look on many people's faces, especially men drug into the shopping craze
A- Angsty: my customers, and consequentially me (Yes, I know, I'm better than stooping to that)
S- Starbucks: the fuel of the Christmas shoppers

What the Christmas acronym should be:

C- Caring for others. Help your neighbor next door; surprise them with a gift or kind act.
H- His birth- As in Jesus, the Savior of the world :)
R- Reflecting on the ultimate gift, resulting in gratitude and giving on your part
I- Incredibly blessed: how we should all feel this year
S- St. Nicholas, not Santa Claus. Research who this man was and what he did for others.
T- Thankfulness- Replace angst with thanks!
M- My family and loved ones- the people I want to spend the season with, and spend life with
A- Adoration- rejoicing in God's provision, singing Christmas songs, praying
S- Seek to put others first.

Reflecting on the miraculous birth,

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