Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 21!: I hope I don't offend you but...MERRY CHRISTMAS anyways!

Retail is so fascinating, looking back on your day (not always while you're in it, working and thinking and being nice when you don't feel nice at all). This Christmas season, we've been instructed to say over the paging system,"Happy holidays, ________ you have a call on Line _____." Etc. And when someone calls in, "Happy holidays, thank you for calling ______. This is _____...." I don't really like the Happy Holidays. I wouldn't mind it if people were happy about the holidays and Christmas and such, but we are told to say Happy Holidays because it is politically correct. And I am not happy. Therefore, I have been saying Merry Christmas to just about every one of my customers the past week (except for one woman today buying Hanukkah candles who was a self-professed Jewish rabbi).

And, the results have been interesting. Some people just want to get in and out and haven't noticed. Some people have said Merry Christmas in return out of politeness. But others have been thoroughly pleased and quite elated. I've had a few who've said things like "You're the second person who's said that today!", assuming people at the stores who had served them were the first. And they were joyful! They, like me, notice this depressing lack of Merry Christmas and want to spread the Christ in the season, or so I am thinking. And guess what... NO ONE has said, "ma'am, I'm offended." Not my managers, not my co-workers, and not my customers. So, Merry Christmas, MERRY Christmas, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Emphasizing the reason for the season,

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