Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 6!: Personifying Walls

I'm determined to write a blog a day, and I count this as Friday (not Saturday morning). My roomie and I have been late-night decorating the room with the lovely nature pictures from our old calendar, since we have only but one month left. Our room, once pretty bare and sparse with blank walls, now probably suffers from MPD (multiple personality disorder).

The wall directly to your right as you walk in the room says, "I am a middle-aged or elderly content woman who likes pleasant things in my life," with its retro-colored, tapestry-like scarf pinned to its creamy side while candlelight from the dresser in front of it dances across.

The wall you see as you walk in the room, directly in front of you declares, "I am an artist, and appreciate the finer things in life and the multicultural lifestyle, while living it up." This wall boasts two prints of Van Gogh, a Mardi Gras mask and beads, and a print of the ever popular (though I never understood what it was of or for) "Tournee du Chat Noir" with the peering eyes of the black cat. Shadows of Ming, my lucky bamboo plant, play along the wall.

The wall to the left as you walk in the room, the wall against my bed, says, "I am a romantic, artistic, and dreamily idealist, though I like to dabble simple crafts, and therefore don't take myself too seriously." This wall displays six photos cut out of a bridal magazine, some in black in white, sepia-tone, or with ethereal lighting. The second clause, about not taking itself seriously, is explained by the lovely artwork of the child I (Jane) babysit and my attempts at acrylic paintings, both variations on flowers.

The last wall, the wall which graces the door, says, "I am musically inclined (or rather nostaligic about the bygone days) because of the records hanging on me, and reflective if you notice the National Novel Writing Poster bared for all to see. So, call my a pensive, music-indulging writer." So says the last wall, if I heard it correctly.

My room then, is a content middle-aged woman who enjoys multicultural and celebratory party experiences while relishing the ideals of the romantic, artistic, and musical, who simultaneously breaks free of the dream world to make crafts every now and then and puts some words on the page.

Phew. My room needs to see a specialist.

Ready to go to bed,


  1. Larkin, you should get a job as a room poet :P that was beautiful.