Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 8!: 'Tis a little late, but read it, it's great! ;)

So, this is day 8, and yesterday was crazy and no blogging happened, so this is really blog #8 day 9.

Tonight, for your enjoyment, I have written a variety of haikus. Proceed and read at your discretion:

Candlelight shivers with heat
Trembles with radiance
Shadows dance

Fa la la la la
The tinsel looks tacky
What's in this punch...?

Dried roses placed in
Hipster glass coke bottles.
Pleasant memories.

Little creature's condemned home
left on the sand
lies with others in jars

Retail madness
customer is self-proclaimed grinch
The show goes on

Ok, enough creativity for tonight. Comment if you'd like!

In a humorous mood,

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