Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 23!: Thanks, 2012. It's been grand.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my faithful blog readers! I hope this finds you all well and eager for a new year at the threshold! I always come up with deep, theological, thought provoking blog topics, but I also always sit down too late at night to blog and don't feel like putting much thought or research into it. Therefore, I shall be cliche and blog about the new year. :)

With every new year, I'm always certain it will be the last. "2000??? (you remember Y2K) We shall all surely die!" Well, that didn't happen. 2012...that year seemed so distant and far away as it lay printed on my college completion plan, marked with May 2012-Graduation. And well, that happened. The world didn't end. God has not come back for His people yet. And look, it's another year! I suppose I should stop being shocked and assume the world will keep spinning and leave God to the details ;) He's really good with those. And I'm really bad at them. Correction: I'm REALLY good at details, so good, that I get lost in them and forget to be at peace about the forest (not the trees, or leaves, or holes in the leaves, goes on and on).

So I've established that God is good with details. And God has been good to me and blessed me, as He promised He will in His Word, throughout the year 2012. List of 2012 blessings/accomplishments:

1)Graduated from college!
2)Went to Disney World for the first time
3)Maintained a great GPA
4)Moved out and now beginning to live on my own (sans the major bills my parents still pay, thanks you two!)
5)Learned through heartache the type of woman I was, and the type of man I would have and the things that I wouldn't settle on.
6)Solidified some of my close friendships
7)Began babysitting for the first time!
8)Was pursued and wooed and convinced (yes, it did take some convincing) to begin dating this amazing man of God whom I now love very much :)
9)Was blessed and had my horizons expanded by teaching and building relationships with international students at school
10)Enjoyed God's creations, specifically the night sky this summer. Saw my first shooting stars!

2012 wasn't all roses, hence my blog title, roses and thorns. But without the thorns you can't have the rose. Without the darkness, the light is not as brilliant. And I know that God is my light, the ultimate Gardener, and the One who can turn sadness and brokenness into Beauty. My Redeemer, who not only redeemed my soul, constantly redeems my situations and experiences, shedding a heavenly perspective on them and showing me His hand and guiding love. In short, I'm not afraid. Yes, I'm nervous, timid, concerned, but in my heart of hearts, I'm not afraid. I'm right where I want to be, in His hands. 2013 will be a good year, because I have a good God.

Resting in His provision and love,


  1. Oh "Jane" you are seriously one of my best friends and I can't wait for you to see your Christmas gift! hugs! That man who wooed you--he is so lucky and you deserve it!

  2. Aw Carolynn, you are the dearest and best ever :) And you need to get your Christmas gift too!