Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home is...

The older I get, the more I change my views on what "home" is. It started in college, when I would get confused in saying "I'm going back home" in referring to college when I had been staying at my home of the past decade for the weekend. That was an awkward time. Which "home" I meant became confusing...was it "home-home" or "school-home"? And did that offend my parents to call school home? Now that I've moved out, home is not where my parents live, where my pets reside, where my old nick-nacs and trophies collect dust.

No...home is where the people are that I love. Home is less and less a geological location, but rather a state of comfort in the relationships that mean the most to me. I have at least two homes then, possibly 3 or 4. The phrase "home is where the heart is" can be so true. And though it may be sad to say this brick edifice in which I grew and cried and learned who I was is not really my home, it is also liberating. No one can destroy my home. My home is where there is love: with family, with friends, and ultimately with Christ. And because of the last one, I am always at home wherever I may roam. My heart, though often restless, is always at home.

Home in His hands,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hope for the Black Thumb

Lately I've stumbled across different types of bulb flowers that can be grown inside, year-round, without dirt. Just rocks and water. I was elated. I first discovered this a few months ago when the mother of the girl I babysit had these bulbs and plants growing in practically all her December. I was intrigued. For Christmas she gave me some paperwhite bulbs. These grow into a lovely, tall plant with small, white daffodil-like blossoms. And, they have a pleasant aroma :). Other perks: The plant grows and lasts for about a month, the bulbs are super cheap, it makes you feel like you can garden, and brings some cheer to the winter cold.

I also discovered that amaryllis bulbs can be coaxed to grow indoors. I bought a gigantic bulb, larger than my fist, about three weeks ago and planted it in a fishbowl with rocks. Nothing happened...for a long time...and I was perturbed because the bulb cost about ten bucks. Just recently, a little red bud is beginning to poke its nose out. This plant is definitely trying my patience, but if you've seen an amaryllis flower, you know it's worth it ;).

If you'd like to know, I have quite a collection of plants in this room (only ones that are fool-proof, for those who have nothing close to a green thumb). I have a "lucky bamboo" plant in rocks in a vase that's lived for 2-3 years. Its name is Ming. I have three different jars/vases containing growing paperwhites. I have the amaryllis. And I have some philodendron clippings. It's quite nice.

What kind of plants do you like to grow? Do you like certain indoor plants?

Overcoming my "black" thumb,