Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hope for the Black Thumb

Lately I've stumbled across different types of bulb flowers that can be grown inside, year-round, without dirt. Just rocks and water. I was elated. I first discovered this a few months ago when the mother of the girl I babysit had these bulbs and plants growing in practically all her windows...in December. I was intrigued. For Christmas she gave me some paperwhite bulbs. These grow into a lovely, tall plant with small, white daffodil-like blossoms. And, they have a pleasant aroma :). Other perks: The plant grows and lasts for about a month, the bulbs are super cheap, it makes you feel like you can garden, and brings some cheer to the winter cold.

I also discovered that amaryllis bulbs can be coaxed to grow indoors. I bought a gigantic bulb, larger than my fist, about three weeks ago and planted it in a fishbowl with rocks. Nothing happened...for a long time...and I was perturbed because the bulb cost about ten bucks. Just recently, a little red bud is beginning to poke its nose out. This plant is definitely trying my patience, but if you've seen an amaryllis flower, you know it's worth it ;).

If you'd like to know, I have quite a collection of plants in this room (only ones that are fool-proof, for those who have nothing close to a green thumb). I have a "lucky bamboo" plant in rocks in a vase that's lived for 2-3 years. Its name is Ming. I have three different jars/vases containing growing paperwhites. I have the amaryllis. And I have some philodendron clippings. It's quite nice.

What kind of plants do you like to grow? Do you like certain indoor plants?

Overcoming my "black" thumb,

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