Monday, November 4, 2013

A Few Random Faves

My last post was about pet peeves and personal irritants, so I thought to counteract that, this day's post would be about random things that pleased me versus peeved me. :) Here goes!

-candles: lots of candles, candlelight, scented candles, pillar candles, taper candles, floating candles, CANDLES
-Goodwill: as in the store. I love the feel of a good hunt for fun yet cheap clothes
-the color blue
-anything potato
-hot tea: black, green, white, herb, it's all grand
-naps: not the piddly kinds, but the 2+ hour kinds
-vanilla scented body spray/wash
-jersey sheets
-techno/dance music
-Indian food, on occasion
-TOMS shoes
-stuffed animals: I never really grew out of them, and my husband let me keep mine mostly because they're from him :P
-Chihuahuas: This is a recent discovery that I wasn't even aware of! But, lately, I've been wanting one.
-plants: I love green growing stuff, especially in the house
-painted toes: you always need that splash of color, even in the winter
-Almond snickers: because they're yummy and rare, and because I can eat them, unlike the peanut kind
-Antique/thrift stores
-Young adult fiction: some deep themes and usually easier to read than a Russian novel though...
-Classic literature: is always one of my faves
-Dried flowers: I love saving my roses :)
-Photography: editing it, taking it, viewing it
-Just Dance: yeah, I'm an amazing dancer. I learned all my moves from this game ;)
-Cheddar peppers form Sonic
-Sonic's ice: you can chew it :)

Alright, plenty for now. I'm itchin' to go play some just dance!

What are some of your faves?

Enjoying simple things,


  1. This describes your house! :P I love you!

  2. I think you nailed all of my faves, too! Although I do not like Chihuahuas. I am a cat person. Dogs and I don't get along.

  3. Haha, well I wished you lived closer Mary! We would have grand times ;)