Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm a Pet Person, Yes, I am

Ok, I realize this is a fluff topic, but I'm working on cranking out some more thought-provoking ones in the near future and need to do some research prior to it. So, here's a nice "fluff" blog post for today.

Guess what, I'M A PET PERSON! And, if you asked me cat versus dog, I'd say both. I love them both for different reasons. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Now, some people may say cats are of the devil (ahem, Mr. Rochester), but cats are quirky and no two cats are the same. Some cats think they're dogs, and some really are mini terrorists. For instance, my cat will run up to your car when you pull in the drive way, meowing all the way, and rubbing your legs as you half trip over him as he insists on escorting you to the house. It's a little more hit and miss with finding a good one with a cat, kinda like a fresh avocado. Dogs are great because yes, they always want to see you but that also means they demand more of your time. A dog is like having a mini person in your family, that happens to drool and have a wagging tail.

But, considering I'm in a tiny apartment and didn't want to pay the pet fee, I currently have 2 goldfish, Penny and Leonard, and a Betta, Tristan, and a cutey-pie hamster, Rogue. It satisfies my pet need for now. You see, growing up, there was never a time we didn't have pets. Chronologically, this is the pets I've had in my lifetime: beagle, a mutt dog named freckles, 2 hamsters, a bunny, 2 ferrets, lots of fish, possibly 5 other bettas, four cats, Misty our corgi. That doesn't include things from the wild I tried to make into pets, namely a lizard, box turtles, frogs, toads, baby bunnies, snails, etc.

As you can see, I just can't live without something living to take care of. I got by with having bettas in college, but I'm enjoying having a hamster for now. When we get a house, have more room and more money, Mr. Rochester really wants a golden retriever, and I'd kinda like a little dog like a chihuahua. :) I can dream.

Loving on God's creatures,

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