Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Dear Isabella (a self-composed poem)

My Dear Isabella
(January 19, 2013)

Beneath the cypress tree
along the winding forgotten road-
In the hot noon hour of un-metered time-
your straw hat hung in the shade,
your pure, icy gaze
gored my soul like a lunging bull,
my wounds bled truth.

Your gaze scorched me like the sun,
heat spiraled me into hallucinations.
Your aura,
scarlet and gold
exited your being
yet remained wired to your core.
Your spirit, a fay,
an essence from the gods
bringing immortality.

My fingers traced your strong jaw-line,
yours violently plucked my heart strings.
The gods, the fays, want souls, not silver.

Guns and swords leave cleaner wounds,
dear Isabella.
You left me small,
a mewing kitten,
yet a beastly ape-man.
Large and unruly,
Yet powerless.
My jus de vie drained,
a crimson-colored pool on the floor.

My dear, cruel Isabella:
life and love are not fleshy fruit
to devour.
They are smoothed stones,
old, tried, true,
yet hard and unrelenting.

Remember the cypress tree,
cite your empty promises.
Souls are not owned,
by you or me,

but by the ever-tumbling realms of eternity.


  1. this was breathtaking and extremely intimate all at once. I love it.

    sometimes when I read your poems its like the world around me looses a bit of color when I'm done, because of what I saw in your words.

  2. Thank you both!

    And Carolynn, that's the most wonderful comment I've received about my poetry! :D It really made my day.