Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh, Hello! (and why Facebook is unhealthy)

I did, a few weeks ago, challenge myself to write a blog-a-day. Since then though, I've been trying to go through a "virtual world detox" as I call it. Not that I'm completely off Facebook, not on instagram, etc, but that I'm there less often and I don't sit staring at Facebook reading my newsfeed.

Facebook, I've decided, has become highly narcissistic, or rather, Facebook allows people (not excluding myself) to show their narcissistic tendencies. Though I love using Facebook to keep in touch with my friends who I wouldn't stay in contact with otherwise, I don't really want to know all of your life stories. And that's ok. I have a life, I have emotions, I have relationships, and I don't need to spend time worrying or thinking over yours (I tend to think alot) when I can be focusing on mine. It's only healthy and natural. Please don't take this the wrong way. Facebook is great, and all of you are great, but Facebook greatly encourages the comparison game, and I'm not going to play it. I am happy for all of you who have taken vacations, posted pics of it, and such. I'm guilty of being a post-a-holic too. You know, the whole "pics or it didn't happen!" Well, that's a lie.

What I'm getting to is this: Facebook is great, pictures are great, sharing exciting experiences is great, but I need to have a firmer grasp on the real world. Instead of facebook, I need to call my close friends, send them letters, meet people in person, and share my life with those I care about and hear about their lives in turn. Facebook and social networking have become toxic, in my opinion, and in order to save my social life (ironically) and my personal sanity, I am going to be on that site less often and use it selectively to cultivate the friendships I already have.

Yours Truly,
Jane Eyre Rochester

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