Monday, February 17, 2014

Lessons Learned in Living a Frugal Life

Living on a tight budget and "pinching pennies" has its benefits. These include not taking things for granted, character development, excitement over the "little things," and thriftiness. Here's a list of things having a tight budget has taught me:

1. NEVER turn down free food. So and so invited you over for dinner; your answer is YES. "Would you like a take out box for th..?" YES!!!! "He's throwing a party and..." "Will there be food? If yes, then I'll be there!"

2. You really don't need new clothes. And if you need "new" clothes, you should hit up the Goodwill nearest you. A good deal is worth the hunt.

3. Getting WATER every time you go out for food saves you money, and is healthy.

4. GAS IN EXPENSIVE!!!! So, don't go places unless you have a clear purpose in mind. Or, you know that someone will help you split the cost.

5. DIY will save your life. You can decorate your abode for much cheaper and give gifts without cringing as you swipe your card. Handmade over store bought for everything, if possible (and if actually cheaper).

6. GENERIC IS GOOD. I didn't really focus on buying generic brands until after I got married. Honestly, I don't really taste a difference in most of the brands, so unless it's something particular, I'll save the extra cents. Everything adds up.

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Grad school homework beckons, but feel free to share your own "frugal" tips!

Livin' frugal,


  1. 7. Make a list of what you need before you shop, and get only those items when you're in the store. (Exceptions for major sales may apply :P)

  2. Yes yes. VERY wise. I definitely make a list. Otherwise you forget what you already have at home...haha