Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You Know You're a Bibliophile ("book lover") if...

1. You always console yourself that you can fit "just one more book" in your collection.
2. You often rationalize a book purchase, like this: "I'm buying knowledge; books aren't splurging; they're a necessity!"
3. You freak out, in a good way, when you find that book you want at a place like Goodwill or a used book store. It's like a treasure hunt.
4. You smell used books. Sometimes they smell like Granny's perfume, an old attic, or just like pure, straight up knowledge. And other times it's obvious the book belonged to a smoker. Ick.
5. You have a list of "to-read" books, and it depresses you that the list gets longer and the time you have to read them gets shorter. WHERE'S THE TIME??? DOES NO ONE KNOW I NEED TO READ THESE?! (my feelings there)
6. You ask for Barnes and Noble gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, and any other holiday.
7. You sometimes just like to stare at your book collection.
8. You may have enough books to start your own library, you know, with a check out system and everything.
9. You bring books on vacation because you know it's the only time you may have to read them.
10. You "accidentally" open up the book you're reading to where you left off, and find yourself still sitting in the same possibly uncomfortable position you started "guiltily" reading hours later. (guilty, because you know there are dishes to clean, laundry to do, and homework, etc)

My confessions,

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